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We will be open at June 14

The meeting place for lovers of Japanese cuisine.


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A taste of Japan/oriental “Concept mangez à volonté, fusion asiatique et sushi au centre-ville, près du Quartier-Latin!”. Sushi Takumi is a favourite among hungry. We are so proud of our menu “all you can eat”, specialized in sushi, as well as hot dishes and Asian Fusion dishes. We uses only fresh, top quality ingredients to create our specialties. Passionate about our dishes, we prepare each dishes with care, and are constantly innovating and updating our menu. Our private dining room can hold up to fifteen persons. You’ll have a great time there with family, friends or business associates. Our restaurant offer a recipes which have an excellent value for the price, outstanding service and comfortable environment. We also have delivery service and catering. We welcome you to Sushi Takumi, where you can try our delicious cuisine, and you will discover or re-discover the truly fresh sushi.

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We will be Open at June 14




Today’s Menu

Our chef is preparing fresh dishes every day, check what is in the menu today!

Vegan friendly pasta with Rice Noodles

$ 23,33

A great plate with healthy ingredients, suitable for vegans too.

Rib Steak with Spicy herbs sauce and onions

$ 30,00

A great plate with healthy ingredients, suitable for vegans too.
“...Excellente nourriture et excellent service. Généreux de leur temps. Ils nous ont accepté 10 minutes avant la fermeture de la cuisine et c'était délicieux. Une valeur sûre. Je vais y retourner assurément !...”
jane donson

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